Saturday, March 29, 2008

To What Standard?

When Chelsea Clinton was asked about the impact of the Monica Lewinsky scandal on her mother's campaign, her reply was "I do not think that's any of your business." I disagree entirely.

The question was valid, if somewhat insensitive. Personally, I would have asked a much broader question. And I would address that question to each of the candidates. My question is: To what standard of ethics should presidential candidates - and presidents - be held?

Dalai Lama On Violence In Tibet

It seems that the Dalai Lama is engaging in a metamorphosed sentimental politics.

He says that he does not support violence anywhere or at any time. A week ago, he said he would resign if the violence in Tibet continues. Then a bit later he said he would resign from his role as secular head of state in absentia. Then more recently he claimed to be "powerless" to stop the violence in Tibet. And now he wants to do some negotiation with China. He says that he does not want independence for Tibet - he just wants some sort of autonomy. But why should China negotiate over Tibet with a man who no longer accepts secular leadership of the country and who claims to be "powerless" to control the Tibetan protesters?

Obama's Race Speech

A long speech, well-delivered, but I would sum it up in two words - selling reformism.

Quite frankly, there were a lot of remarks in the speech that were certainly false, especially when Obama was talking about himself and why he does things. There were also a lot of remarks that were just an unabashed attempt to play on the sentiments of the audience. But at the heart of it all was Obama's pseudo-reformist strategy.