Friday, July 28, 2017

Trump Youth

I don't think it is a superficial observation to draw comparison between Trump's style of leadership and that of Hitler. Both were democratically elected leaders who tend (or tended) to cater to an audience that was less socially conscious, more easily impressionable. Following quickly upon his crude, political speech to the Boy Scouts, Trump went on to address the boys and girls of the American Legion (invited to the Rose Garden).

Regarding the earlier speech at the Boy Scouts National Jamboree, all that Sarah Huckabee Sanders had to say about it (see here) was that she saw "nothing but roughly 40-45,000 Boy Scouts cheering the President on throughout his remarks",  "a lot of individuals". What Sarah heard was "nothing but a lot of cheering and probably one of the most energetic crowds [she has] seen in front of the President". Sarah failed/refused to acknowledge the fact that most of those "individuals" are too young to have even participated in the last presidential election. To use the language of Trump,.. sad and bad!