Sunday, May 14, 2017

Lock him up!

Trump is so repugnant... so dishonest, so corrupt... it may well be that the only way for America to regain its credibility on the world stage is to... lock him up. This man is so incompetent that even with his own party controlling both chambers of Congress, he still could not pass any significant legislation after 114 humiliating days of his presidency. Even his executive orders have been thwarted, twice on the same issue. This is the situation now, but imagine what it will be like after the midterm elections of 2018. The Republicans will almost certainly lose seats in the House of Representatives (possibly even the majority there), although they might manage to keep control of the Senate. No matter how the midterms go, afterwards it will almost certainly become harder for Trump to get anything through Congress. If it seems difficult now, just wait till 2019. What is the solution? Well, it would be great if the Americans could just fire trump. Or, better still, they should lock him up.