Saturday, October 15, 2016

Critical mass

The Trump campaign's meltdown now seems to have reached critical mass. Not to suggest that Donald Trump is anything other than a despicable human being... though, like anyone else, he must have some redeeming qualities... at this stage, just about any woman who may have met the man could start to have memories of Trump molesting her. That is not to suggest that those memories are not real or even that Trump did not do what is remembered. But memories are not always trustworthy. Indeed, they are often no more trustworthy than Trump (or Clinton). The problem for the Trump campaign is that these allegations tend to be substantiated by Trump's own undeniable, recorded words. So there is really nothing at all that Trump can say that will alter people's readiness to believe the worst about him. And that, in my opinion, is why Trump stands no chance of winning the election. Indeed, even his business interests may end up suffering. Arguments that Trump has not been running for office as pope but rather as president are simply idiotic. Both popes and presidents are role models who also have considerable executive authority. As such, both are expected to embody at least a minimal degree of human decency.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

VP debate

Unlike most commentators, the VP candidates impressed me with their similarity to their running mate rather than their contrast to their running mate. Like Clinton, Kaine came across as too much substance with too little style. Like Trump, Pence came across as too much style with too little substance. I don't think either of them won the debate or advanced their party's ticket, not to a significant detriment of the opposing party. For a polarized electorate, Kaine didn't make Hillary seem any more likable, and Pence didn't make Trump seem any more sensible. Kaine should have been more laid back, and Pence should have been more prepared with facts. That probably would not have made any positive difference in respect to the election (any more than the election is likely to make any positive difference in respect to the deplorable state of American or global society), but the debate might have been more enjoyable and informative.