Monday, July 13, 2015

Pope Francis on something

He describes unbridled capitalism as the devil's dung and encourages the poor to rise up against neocolonialism.
(CNN) Pope Francis delivered yet another biting critique of contemporary capitalism on Saturday, saying the poor are often sacrificed on the "altar of money" and accusing the wealthy of worshipping a new "golden calf."
So what's new? Certainly not the message... not even for the Catholic Church. It seems the Vatican is carrying on with a strategy initiated under John Paul II of remodeling Catholicism as the global emissary of socialism... but not calling it that.

The main difference I find with this pope is that his conduct and language are more confrontational than that of his predecessors. But is Francis really shaking up the Church, as some seem to think? I don't think so. Has Francis done anything remarkable yet? Well, maybe just one thing... According to The Guardian: "A Bolivian minister said 10 days ago that Francis had told government officials that he would like to chew coca leaves when he visits."