Thursday, September 29, 2016


By no means is the following any kind of endorsement for Hillary Clinton, but...

In his first debate with Hillary, Donald Trump offered Americans and the world a lot of food for thought in respect to his candidacy and the entire system of capitalism. At one point in the debate, Hillary suggested that Donald has not released his tax records because they reveal that he did not pay any taxes or even give any money to charity. Donald effectively admitted that Hillary was right by responding with: "That makes me smart."

Leaving aside any criminal aspects of tax evasion, it seems that Donald does not understand that the president is a role model. So what would happen if the entire population of the USA were to be as selfishly smart as Donald? Obviously, no one would pay taxes. And if no one pays taxes, then Donald's federal government would have no money to pay off any debt or implement any social, economic, political, or military program, including Donald's secret plan to defeat ISIS and his not-so-secret plan to build a wall along the border with Mexico (unless, of course, Mexico actually does pay for that wall... in advance). Pretty soon, the US would look worse than any Third-World country. And that's how Donald would make America great again. What Donald has not yet admitted (but implicitly and repeatedly demonstrates) is that he wants to make America great only for his personal business interests.

So here we have tremendous insight into not just what sort of president Donald would be but also what sort of principles capitalism promotes. Can anyone believe that Donald would not exploit his power for the primary purpose of extending his personal wealth? According to Donald's avowed standards, failure to do so would not be smart.

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Abhidevananda said...

So now Trump is admitting that he did not pay any personal taxes, and he claims that this was so because of a fiduciary responsibility. Obviously, Trump is counting on the likelihood that Americans won't understand the word, fiduciary. Unfortunately, Trump understands neither the word, fiduciary, nor the word, responsibility.

The most important point here is that Trump could only have a fiduciary responsibility in relation to the taxes paid by his businesses. There is nothing like a fiduciary responsibility in relation to one's own personal taxes. That is just greed.

As for the rest of what Trump claims, it is pure trump... whoops, I meant to say bunk. Faulty keyboard.